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Many people are surprised when they are offered treatment options and otherwise included in the decision-making process. Some studies show that overall coping is improved when this occurs, although for some this may create more anxiety.

At the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope and the Patient and Family Resource Centre we offer consultations with health care professionals, plus printed, video and audio resources, to help you understand the choices being offered and the options available to you.

Treatment Choices

  • If you are offered a choice between two (or more) treatments, you can be assured that all the anticipated outcomes of each option will be explained to you.

Clinical Trials

  • You may be offered participation in a clinical trial. These research studies test new treatment plans or drugs. If you are eligible for a particular study, you will be informed about all details before being asked to sign a consent form and receiving treatment. (See also: What is a clinical trial?)

Side Effects

  • Side effects vary greatly from treatment to treatment and from person to person. There have been enormous strides recently in medications and other strategies to combat side effects. It is usually most helpful to learn about the particular side effects of the treatments you will be receiving. Otherwise you may end up feeling overloaded with unnecessary information and may find yourself needlessly anxious about something that will not affect you. (See also: Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy)

Practice Relaxation Techniques

  • Anxiety can increase the severity of some side effects. There are relaxation techniques that have been proven to be effective in reducing anxiety. You can learn these from one of our Psychosocial Oncology counselors or at one of our weekly Introduction to Relaxation group sessions (See our: Current program listing).

CCMB Pain and Symptom Clinics

  • Available at the MacCharles Site, the St. Boniface Site, and for those outside Winnipeg, through Teleoncology. These clinics specialize in managing symptoms you may be experiencing either from the cancer or side effects of treatments.

    Talk to your doctor or nurse about your symptoms and if needed, ask for a referral to the Pain and Symptom Clinics. (See also: Pain & Symptom Management Clinics)