Research Resource Impact Committee (RRIC)

2017 New RRIC Submission and Review Process Map

All studies conducted at CCMB or by CCMB staff MUST be submitted on the most current forms to the CCMB RRIC for review and approval. These include (but are not limited to):
  1. studies which involve CCMB data or Cancer Registry data;
  2. studies which involve any type of contact with CCMB patients (including questionnaires or surveys) and/or collection of any materials (eg. tissues, body fluids) from CCMB patients;
  3. studies which involve CCMB staff (as research subjects);
  4. studies which have an impact on CCMB resources.
  5. quality assurance projects, with potential publication of the findings.

Research activity, including screening and recruitment, must not begin until written approval has been received from the CCMB RRIC, University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board (REB), and from all other relevant regulatory bodies.

Submissions for any study in which data or samples will be sent to another centre MUST include a Data Sharing Agreement (also referred to as Supply Agreement and Material Transfer Agreement) if a contract does not exist that covers those issues. A Data Sharing Agreement is required even if anonymized, unless you are sending already published or aggregate data ONLY. A template is available on the RRIC website.

Staff from the Departments of Epidemiology and Cancer Registry are available to assist in study design, plans for data analysis, and in determining the number of patients and/or charts that would meet the eligibility criteria for a given study. It is recommended that these departments be contacted early in study development. To request assistance from Epidemiology and/or Cancer Registry, please email

Workstations in Health Records (ON 2092) are available to accommodate researchers review of electronic and hard copy patient charts on approved research studies. The workstations are available Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00 hrs. To book a workstation, please contact the File Control Clerk at 204-787-4017.

To expedite approval of a study, it is recommended that researchers submit their proposals to the REB and the CCMB RRIC simultaneously, rather than sequentially.

Any significant changes to a research project (after previous RRIC approval) should be submitted to the CCMB RRIC for approval using the RRIC Amendment Form available on the RRIC website (Click here to view forms). The proposed changes should not be implemented until they have been approved in writing by the RRIC chair. Significant changes include (but are not limited to) modifications to study design, data to be collected, study duration, patient cohort, number of study participants, the need to review CCMB paper charts (when not originally planned), the need to review significantly more CCMB paper charts than originally planned, and the addition of other trainees, co-investigators, or study personnel. The RRIC number for the study should be cited in all correspondence.

Quality assurance projects and program reviews are not considered research, EXCEPT if a decision is made to publish the results in a journal. Retroactive approval will NOT be granted so if there is any possibility that the data generated may be interesting enough to consider publishing the findings, the recommendation is that approval be obtained from the CCMB RRIC and the University of Manitoba REB BEFORE the project is initiated.

Please contact the CCMB RRIC Coordinator at (204) 787-4170 or if you have any questions about the submission process or about the requirements for RRIC approval.