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Dental X-Ray Equipment


Online Registration Form for Dental X-Ray Equipment

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Dentists should contact us regarding x-ray question
  • Change in clinical operation status of equipment;
  • Compliance inspections - conducted on a 3-year cycle;
  • Compliance recommendations - to be addressed within 30 days;
  • Shielding must be specified prior to construction, renovation or machine relocation;
  • Consultations re poor image quality;
  • Imaging technique changes;
  • Radiation doses, radiation dose limits, radiation and pregnancy
  • X-ray monitor (TLD badge) information.
Contact Information: Phone: (204)787-4145 Fax: (204)775-1684

Reference Material for Dental X-rays

Manitoba Regulation 341/88R Overview
Manitoba Regulation 341/88R
MANITOBA REGULATION 341/88R - Responsibilities Information leaflet

Radiation Monitors: How to get them
Radiation Monitors: FAQ

Pregnancy & Radiation

Safety Code 30: Radiation Protection in Dentistry: Recommended Safety Procedures for the Use of Dental X-ray Equipment (External web site)
Disposal of X-ray Equipment guide
Wall Shielding Specifications