CancerCare Manitoba
Plain and Standardized Packaging of Tobacco Products


Tobacco packaging is one of the few remaining avenues for tobacco companies to strategically market their products, create brand identity, bolster the appeal of tobacco products to consumers, and reduce the perception of risk among consumers, particularly younger consumers.

Australia, the United Kingdom, and France have passed legislation regulating the design and appearance of the packaging of tobacco products. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Standardizing package appearance, such as font, colour, and finish, and prohibiting brand elements such as logos and other promotional information
  • Restricting packaging size and shape
  • Standardizing the appearance of cigarettes (typically white paper and either white or imitation cork for the tipping paper)

Health Canada is undergoing consultation around plain and standardized tobacco packaging, and is considering several restrictions. CancerCare Manitoba supports the implementation of plain and standardized packaging of tobacco in Canada.