CancerCare Manitoba
Patient Care

Over 100,00 patients and family members are served refreshments each year.

Patient and Family Information & Resource Centre

This centre provides information and resources to assist patients in understanding their diagnosis.

In this area the volunteers:
  • Assist patients in finding information on cancer, its treatment and methods of coping
  • Circulate and recall library resources
  • Offer refreshments and a friendly ear to patients and other visitors

volunteer in the Patient and Family Resource Centre

Refreshment Service

Volunteers provide nourishment to cancer patients and their companions while waiting for appointments or undergoing cancer treatment.

Volunteer responsibilities include:
  • Preparing and serving coffee, tea, juice and cookies throughout the day
  • Preparing a light lunch of soup and crackers for patients receiving chemotherapy
  • Conversing with patients

Guardian Angel Caring Room

The Caring Room maintains a supply of donated wigs and headwear for patients experiencing hair loss. These volunteers:
  • Assist patients in choosing and fitting wigs, turbans, hats and scarves
  • Brush and style wigs as needed
  • Accept returns and headware donations
  • Book appointments for patients and respond to requests for information

Pediatric Clinic

Volunteers assist in an activity program for children during their treatments. These volunteers must have previous childcare experience.

These activities can include:
  • Assist the Child Life Specialist
  • Supervise the craft area
  • Play games with individual children

Positions in this area are limited.