CancerCare Manitoba
Who Can See an Individual's Information?


PHIA permits CCMB to collect and use Personal Health Information and, in certain circumstances, to share it with others both inside and outside CCMB, without consent from the individual for purposes such as:
  • Provision of health care;
  • Payment for health care which could include private insurers;
  • To conduct health system planning and research; and
  • To report as required by law.

Unless the individual tells CCMB not to, the health care facility can:
  • Share general health status with family, friends and others upon request. If we believe it is acceptable to the individual, we may also share information about the care the individual is currently receiving with their family and friends.
  • Share the individual's name, general health status and location when they are receiving care in one of our facilities with a representative of a religious organization.
  • Share the individual's name and address with a charitable fundraising foundation associated with a facility the individual has received care in.
  • Share the individual's personal health information with any health care provider who has, is or will be providing them with health care. Members of the individual's health care team are only allowed access to the information they need to provide the individual with health care. Unless the individual tells us not to share their information with a specific health care provider, we will not share their information with that provider unless permitted or required by law to do so.

Individuals may tell a member of their health care team if you do not want your information shared with a family member or friend, or a religious organization, fundraising foundation or health care provider. These requests must be forwarded to the site Privacy Officer.

All CCMB employees and those associated with CCMB are required to protect the accuracy, integrity and security of all personal health information and are required to sign a pledge of confidentiality. CCMB has policies and procedures that provide protection of personal health information and conducts continued training for employees and all others associated with CCMB.

If an individual wants to know more about their right to see, get a copy or ask for a correction of their Personal Health Information or their privacy rights under PHIA, or have a complaint about their rights, they should be advised to contact the Privacy Officer located at the site where they are receiving health care services.