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What about family & friends?

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Sometimes it's hard to put what we're feeling into words and that can put barriers between us and our inner circle of family and friends.

The "Dear Friend" letter can help you express yourself clearly to those you love and need at this time.

Your partner, sister, brother, parent, child, best friend, grandparent or grandchild has been diagnosed with cancer. Of course, you are alarmed, worried, wondering what this is going to mean for them.

You are probably also wondering what this is going to mean for you ?

  • What will this situation demand of you?
  • What changes will have to be made?
  • Will you be up to the challenge?
  • How can you bear the pain you are feeling?
  • How can you best help and support the person you care about?
  • How can you make sure that you also look after your own needs in order that you stay emotionally and physically healthy?

A diagnosis of cancer has an emotional impact on everyone close to that person.

It is hard sometimes to deal with this on your own. Our professional staff in Psychosocial Oncology can meet with you to help sort out your feelings, understand what is happening, and assist you in caring and supporting your loved one, as well as looking after yourself.

We can see you on your own, or as a couple or a family. You may also want to make use of the Patient and Family Resource Centre or the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope. There are also Support Groups and Information Sessions that you may find helpful.