CancerCare Manitoba
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You can contact each of our staff directly at their numbers listed below to make an appointment. Family members and friends may also contact us directly. However, our psychiatrist require a physician's referral.

Although each member of our staff is assigned to assist patients and families with certain types of cancer, we are very flexible. For example, if you would prefer to be seen at one unit rather than another, or would prefer to see a male or female counsellor, this can easily be arranged.

If you have a general inquiry, or if the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with is not listed below, call (204) 787-2109 or Toll-Free, 1-866-561-1026 and ask for Psychosocial Oncology.

Staff Name & Contact Information Position/Disease Site
Harvey Max Chochinov, MD, PhD. (204) 975-7728

Angela Saj, Secretary - (204) 787-4923
Head, Patient and Family Support Services; Director of Manitoba Palliative Research Unit
Cara Altomare, BSW, RSW (204) 479-4133
(both units)
Social Worker - Gastrointestinal Cancers
Melanie Baruch, M.Ed (204) 237-2464
(St. Boniface unit)
Psychosocial Clinician - Leukemia; Lymphoma; Melanoma; Sarcomas; Pain and Sympton Clinic

Cheryl Dizon-Reynante, M.Ed., CCC (204) 235-3186
(both units)

Psychosocial Clinicial - Breast (St. Boniface unit); Leukemia; Lymphoma; Melanoma; Sarcomas; Pain and Sympton Clinic
Lindsay Drabiuk, M. Div. (204) 787-4124
(both units)
Spiritual Health Specialist

Miriam Duff, M. Ed., CCLS, CCC (204) 787-2062
(MacCharles unit)

Psychosocial Clinician -  Head and Neck Cancers; Smoking Cessation 

Patti Findlay, MSW, RSW (204) 258-1073
(both units)

Social Worker - Gynecological Cancers

Stephanie Howard, MSW, RSW (204) 258-1004
(St. Boniface unit) 

Social Worker - Breast Cancer

Linda Montford, MSW, RSW (204) 787-4645
(MacCharles unit)

Social Worker - Breast Cancer; Prostate Centre
Elizabeth Payne, MSW, RSW (204) 784-0227
(MacCharles unit)
Social Worker - Community Oncology Program - Supportive Care Coordinator

Tom Roche, AM (SW) (204) 787-4122
(MacCharles Unit)

Psychosocial Clinician - Hematology; Leukemia; Lymphoma; Melanoma

Ian Scott, MSW, RSW (204) 787-2191
(MacCharles unit)

Social Worker - Thoracic, Sarcomas, Renal and Genitourinary 

Other Staff Providing Services to CancerCare Manitoba Patients:  
Kristin Bilenky, MSW, RSW (204) 258-1392
(St. Boniface unit)
Social Worker, WRHA - Winnipeg Navigation Services

Cindy Falconer, BSW, RSW (204) 787-2482

Social Worker, Pediatric Oncology

Anne Katz, Ph.D. (204) 787-4495

Sexuality Information and Counselling

Orit Reuter, MSW, RSW (204) 794-7771

Sharon Stevens, BSW, RSW (204) 787-8037

Social Worker - Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic/Initial Admission to GD6, Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Kurt Skakum, MD
Secretary (204) 787-3479

Psychiatrrist -  Physician referral required. Please speak with your primary nurse, oncologist or social worker.

WRHA Community Hospitals - Oncology:  
Vicki Verge, MSW, RSW (204) 837-0211 Regional Director of Social work, WRHA
Laura Cogollo, MSW, RSW (204) 632-3678 Social Worker, Seven Oaks General Hospital
Caitlin Laird, BSW, RSW (204) 661-7413 Social Worker, Concordia Hospital
Michelle Hominick, MSW. RSW (204) 837-0432 Social Worker, Grace General Hospital
Anjanie Maharaj-Hunter, MSW, RSW (204) 477-3215 Social Worker, Victoria General Hospital
Rural and Northern Psychosocial Oncology:  

Michele Smith, BSW, RSW (204) 785-9576

Interlake-Eastern RHA

Angela Stewart-Lamport, BSW, RSW (204) 578-2206

Kirsten Eskildsen, BSW, RSW (204) 638-2189

Prairie Mountain Health

Cindy Funk, MA (204) 331-8849

Irene Maendel, MSW, RSW (204) 326-6411 ext 2043

 Southern Health - Sante Sud

Shelly Watt (204) 778-1531

 Northern RHA
Susan Barnett, BSW (204) 753-3157
 Pinawa Community Cancer Hub