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The following web sites have excellent information about complementary & alternative therapies:
BC Cancer Agency: Unconventional cancer therapies
This online manual was written "to provide objective information for patients and their families, relating to alternative and complementary therapies".
Canadian Health Network - Alternative Health Centre
A health centre devoted to alternative health is accessible from the main menu in English and French.
American Cancer Society, Complementary and Alternative Methods
This section of the American Cancer Society web site provides an overview of alternative medicine as well as explanations of specific treatments.
A Patient's Guide to Choosing Unconventional Therapies
This document is intended to provide you with questions to consider when making your treatment choices, and provide tips to help you evaluate the information you find.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Quackwatch. Information to help people make intelligent decisions on unconventional therapies.

If you are looking for, or already using, complementary or alternative therapies, you are not alone. Indeed, the majority of those who have had a cancer diagnosis use complementary therapies, especially in the post-treatment phase.

Some of these approaches may enhance standard treatments, reduce side-effects, boost the immune system, lead to feelings of well-being, and in other ways contribute to health and quality of life.

We encourage you to share with us your decisions and struggles about complementary/alternative therapies and assure you that your questions will be treated with respect and compassion.

Please let your health care team know if you are consuming herbal products or other supplements to ensure that you are not using something that might interact with your treatments.

It is often difficult to make decisions about alternative or complementary therapies (also known as Unconventional Therapies) because reliable information may be difficult to find and because conventionally trained doctors often do not have expertise in this area.

If you have questions about any complementary or alternative treatments, we offer consultations with CancerCare Manitoba staff, such as the clinical pharmacist.