CancerCare Manitoba
Cancer Patient Information and Resource Series


Part 1: Your Guide to CancerCare Manitoba

What is it?
  • A brochure for new cancer patients with basic information to help prepare and plan for the first appointment at CancerCare Manitoba.
  • The brochure can be tucked into a pocket in the back of "My Cancer Notebook" for future reference.

How will this be provided to patients?
  • Every attempt is made for this brochure to be mailed out to all new patients to CancerCare Manitoba before their first appointment.
  • Can be picked up at any time at the CCMB Patient and Family Resource Centre, Room 1016 - 675 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg

Part 2: My Cancer Notebook

What is it?
  • A coil bound booklet with sheets where a patient can record, track and organize their cancer treatment tests and information.
  • Plastic pages are included where business cards, handouts, and test results can be stored.
  • Please note the "About Me" section at the beginning of the Notebook. These pages will provide important information to all care providers, such as family doctors, Urgent Cancer Care, Emergency Rooms.

How will this be provided to patients?
  • Through CCMB Clinics
  • Through Navigation Services in all Health Regions
  • Through Community Cancer Program Centres
  • Can be picked up at any time at the CCMB Patient and Family Resource Centre, Room 1016 - 675 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg

Part 3: My Cancer Handbook

What is it?
  • A large 8 x 11 size handbook with information from Part 1 and Part 2 and more on cancer, treatment, side effects, your health care team, support services and notebook worksheets.
  • My Cancer Handbook is designed so that it can be put into a binder or duotang.

How will this be provided to patients?
  • Available on-line at CancerCare Manitoba website.
  • Printing can be done by topic.
  • A copy of My Cancer Handbook can be saved from the website onto your own computer.
    You can type your information into this copy and save as your own personalized copy.

    A limited number of paper copies for those without access to a computer will be made available.

    CCMB Patient and Family Resource Centre
    Room #1018 - 675 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg, MB

    Please note:
    Some digital products may require you to download the Adobe Reader application.

    For example, for Apple products such as an iPhones or IPads, it can be found in the App Store; Android and Samsung electronics apps can be found in Google Play store or Galaxy Apps store.

First Nations Patient Guide

This handbook that provides information about cancer, introduces patients to their health care team, and helps patients get ready for their first appointment at CancerCare Manitoba. This guide also lists different services for First Nations patients, including getting connected with Non-Insured Health Benefits and Health Canada to help with treatment and travel.

Patient Pathway Diagrams

These diagrams help show what a cancer journey may look like for a patient. The lung, breast, and colon pathways also provide timeline information about when patients might expect to move to the next step along their journey. All pathways have contact information for different programs and services at CancerCare Manitoba.

Click here for an Inuktitut translation of the Pathway Diagrams.






If you would like a paper copy of the First Nations Patient Guide or any of the Patient Pathway Diagrams, please contact Morgan Stirling at