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    CancerCare Manitoba has standardized the referral process to provide a more efficient service for patients and referring physicians.

    In addition to becoming familiar with the general CCMB referral guidelines for non-emergency & emergency referrals, you need to download the required:

    1. Adult Disease-Site Specific Information
    2. Pediatric Referral Information (for patients up to their 17th birthday), or
    3. Manitoba Prostate Centre Referral Information

    relative to each case you refer. Referral forms are included in the download packages to the right, or you can download the form by itself, from the link in the grey bar to the left.

    Non-emergency Referrals

    Every ADULT referral sent to CancerCare Manitoba should include:

    • New Patient Referral Form (must be signed by the referring physician)
    • Letter of referral including a recent history and physical examination; allergies; co-existing medical conditions; history of previous malignancies and treatments
    • Pathology (as specified by disease site*)
    • Operative reports (as specified by disease site*)
    • Imaging (as specified by disease site*)
    • Blood work (as specified by disease site*)
    • Other Information (as specified by disease site*)

    *Note: Each disease site group is listed in the table to the right. Please refer to the specific "Information Required by CCMB Referral Centre" section for the required information pertaining to the referral you are submitting.

    If the referring physician has ordered investigations that have not yet been completed or results are pending, please provide dates and location in the space provided on the referral form. For those referring offices that submit referral information from an electronic chart source, we request that the referral information be sent as separate documents, each labeled with the patient's name and health number. (i.e. x-ray report on one page, CBC on a separate page, operative report on another page, CT scan on its own page, etc.). The referral form together with the accompanying information should be faxed to CancerCare Manitoba 's Referral Centre at: 786-0621. Phone inquiry: 787-2176.

    Lack of pertinent data MAY DELAY the scheduling of the patient's appointment. Additional investigations may be organized by the appropriate DSG prior to the patient's first appointment.

    Referring physicians may indicate a preference to have the patient seen at a particular site or by a specific physician, however, although these requests will always be given consideration, they can not always be accommodated.

    If the referring physician has or will be referring the patient to a community medical oncologist, please indicate this on the referral letter.

    Patients will be notified of receipt of referral. All patients should be made aware of their diagnosis by the referring physician prior to being referred to CancerCare Manitoba.

    Emergency Referrals

    If the referral is emergent (i.e. your patient needs to be seen within 24 to 48 hours for immediate treatment with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery for a life-threatening oncological emergency or hematologic emergency), please phone the medical or radiation oncologist or surgical service or hematologist on call through paging at 787-2071 (Health Sciences Centre) or 237-2053 (St. Boniface General Hospital).

    Urgent and emergent pediatric oncology, hematology and bone marrow transplant referrals (patients referred prior to their 17th birthday) should continue to be phoned to the pediatric oncologist/hematologist on call via the Health Sciences Centre at (204) 787-2071.