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Manitoba Breast & Women's Cancer Network

The Manitoba Breast and Women’s Cancer Network (MBWCN) is led by the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope (BCCH), a program of Patient and Family Support Services (PFSS), at CancerCare Manitoba.

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Funding received through the CBCF Prairies/NWT Region makes it possible to sustain and expand the work of the Manitoba Breast & Women's Cancer Network.

Our Voice Newsletter

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What is our Mission?

The Manitoba Breast & Women’s Cancer Network (MBWCN or the Network) is a province-wide network of stakeholders who collaborate through a coordinated approach to increase awareness and access to information and support for breast and women’s health and cancer.

Who is part of MBWCN?

This Network has membership from many provincial cancer related programs, all Health Regions with Regional Networks of community stakeholders and Community Contact volunteers.

What does MBWCN do?

MBWCN facilitates information sharing, collaboration and partnerships, activities and professional development for members.

Working in Regions, Communities & Manitoba Health Regions

MBWCN Regional Networks work with Health Regions, volunteers and programs to improve access to information, support and resources at the provincial, regional and community level.

To learn more about the MBWCN Regional Network in your area, contact us at