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Blood & Marrow Transplant Registry
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Oncology Unit
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Kathryn Dyck, B.A., CCRP

Medical Director:
Dr. Rajat Kumar

Sr. Research Nurse:
Barbara Ammeter RN, BN

Resource Coordinator, Adult Section, MacCharles Unit:
Debbie Last, CCRP

Supervisor, Adult Section, Tache Unit
Gina Garrett, CCRP

Resource Coordinator, Adult Ethics & Regulatory:
Elizabeth Lylyk, B.Sc., CCRP  

Resource Coordinator, Pediatric Section:
Rebekah Hiebert, CCRP

Resource Coordinator,
Manitoba Blood and Marrow Transplant Program:

Erin Richardson, CCRP

Clinical Trials Research at CancerCare Manitoba Your Vehicle to Leading-Edge Care

The Clinical Trails Unit(CTU) at CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) is legislated by provincial law to facilitate and coordinate clinical research in the areas of prevention, treatment, palliation and quality of life. Our vision is that every patient would have the opportunity to participate in a research study.

Under the direction of the fifteen disease site groups, the CTU has been the facilitator of clinical trials at CCMB since the late 1960's. Data collected from our participation in national and international research has influenced the standard treatments used today, thus benefiting all patients. Through clinical trials, patients are provided with the opportunity to access state-of-the-art treatments and to raise the profile of CCMB as a significant contributor to the research being done worldwide. This, in turn, assists CCMB with the retention and recruitment of key researchers, physicians and professional staff to the organization.

Of the approximately 120 adult and pediatric clinical trials open to participation each year, the CTU enters an average of 300 new patients while continuing to follow thousands of participants in long-term follow up. Clinical research conducted at CCMB incorporates studies offered through cooperative groups, pharmaceutical companies and in-house research. Patients participating in these studies have access to some of the most innovative and cutting edge treatments, tests or prevention tools available.

The CTU has extensive experience across a spectrum of clinical trial activities, and offers the following services:
  • protocol and consent development
  • case report form design
  • budget and contract negotiation
  • management of ethics documentation, including initial submissions, amendments and safety reports
  • completion of regulatory documentation
  • screening patients for eligibility
  • obtaining patient consent
  • conducting patient evaluations
  • case report form completion, data management

The clinical research conducted at CCMB plays a vital role in lessening the growing burden of cancer and benign hematological disorders.