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COMPASS for Clinicians


Patient-Reported Outcomes for Clinicians

Patient-Reported Outcomes (or PROs) are validated measures that provide comprehensive understanding of the impact of cancer and treatment from the patient's perspective. They offer healthcare providers a richer understanding of a patient's individual cancer experience so that they might deliver care that is more person centred, responsive and efficient. Benefits of using PROs include early identification and treatment of patient needs, better coordination and inter-professional teamwork, and empowerment of patients to be active in their care. They can enhance cancer treatment in three ways:

  • Provide a more detailed understanding of a patient's symptoms and emotional state
  • Standardise the symptom assessment process
  • Use of psychometrically sound measures of cancer related symptoms to collect data

A good example of a PRO used at CancerCare Manitoba is the COMPASS screening tool which was established in 1999. Another example is the Ambulatory Oncology Patient Satisfaction Survey (AOPSS; previously known as Picker). These tools and others are important in helping us to provide the best care possible to our patients.

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has developed a short video highlighting the importance of PROs and the benefits they provide to the patients, the healthcare team, and the organization. Check it out!

Here are some other great resources that CancerControl Alberta has developed called:

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