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CCMB Cancer Management Guidelines

Provincial Follow-Up Care Recommendations for colorectal, breast, ovarian, peritoneal, fallopian tube and lymphoma cancers are available for your reference by clicking here.

Other cancer type recommendations will be developed in the future and uploaded to the link above. Check back for regular updates.

Clinical Practice Guidelines are a type of knowledge tool and offer information for clinicians based on scientific research, highest quality of evidence and/or best practice consensus recommendations from cancer care experts. Guidelines can be applied in the various healthcare settings by administrators, clinicians and patients to determine the best course of action when decisions about treatment options or care delivery must be made. The ultimate aim of these guidelines is to ease the patient's journey through the cancer experience, keeping patients and their families at the centre of care.

Established January 2006, the purpose of the Clinical Practice Guidelines Initiative (CPGI) has been to generate, disseminate, implement and evaluate evidence-based guidelines for the consistent management of common clinical scenarios encountered by oncology patients in Manitoba. Clinical Practice Guidelines improve cancer care through:
  • enhancing the patient's ability to make informed decisions about his/her care
  • improving communication and transition of care from provider to provider within the system
  • reducing the risk of harm to patients by ensuring a consistent approach to treatment and care
  • facilitating evaluation of therapies that are consistently provided across the province
  • ensuring contemporary, cost-effective, evidence-based care

The Clinical Practice Guidelines Initiative brings together many local partners to participate in the development of CCMB Practice Guidelines and related Practice Tools. Representatives from numerous disciplines, departments, programs, committees and Disease Site Groups contribute actively in the authorship, review and consensus approval of recommendations for treatment of disease/symptom management, systemic therapy summaries and follow-up care. Once guidelines are complete many other partners contribute in the dissemination, implementation and finally, the evaluation and updating phases of the process.

What's New

Practice Guidelines

Adjuvant Systemic Therapy for Breast Cancer (2017)

Assessment and Management of Radiation-Induced Skin Toxicities in Breast Cancer. Five-Part Series (2017)

Filgrastim Use in Adults by Disease Site. Update (2017)

Practice Tools

Neutropenia Protocol and Algorithms (2017)

Neutropenic Fever Syndrome Staff Information Sheet (2017)

Neutropenic Fever Syndrome Patient Information Sheet (2017)

Emergency Department Physician’s Order Sheet. Febrile Neutropenia, Adults (2017)

Regimen Reference Orders. (2017)