CancerCare Manitoba
Community Cancer Care 2014 Educational Conference Presentations


Keynote Presentation

Dr. Lisa Belanger, PhD, CSEP-CEP
Beyond Cancer: Making the Best of the Rest of Life

Colorectal Cancer Sessions

Dr. David Dawe,Medical Oncologist, CCMB
Unlumping Colorectal Cancer: A Rapid Pass of Treatment

Dr. Vallerie Gordon,Medical Oncologist, CCMB
Adjuvant Chemotherapy: "An ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure"

Dr. David Dawe,Medical Oncologist, CCMB
Chemotherapy in the Metastatic Setting: An Ever Evolving Approach

Curtis Kellet, Oncology Pharmacist, CCMB
Chemotherapy Side Effects: Getting to the Bottom of Things

Dr. Maged Nashed, Radiation Oncologist, CCMB
Radiation Therapy for Rectal Cancer: Usefulness and Consequences

Dr. Jason Park, Attending Surgeon, St. Boniface General Hospital
Surgery for Colorectal Cancer: Steel to Heal

Mary Robertson, Program Coordinator, Manitoba Ostomy Program
Size Does Matter; and Other Ostomy Facts

Simone Stenekes, Clinical Nurse Specialist, CCMB
Living with Advanced Colorectal Cancer: A Balancing Act

Lunch and Learn

Dr. Piotr Czaykowski, Medical Oncologist, CCMB
Digesting the Surveillance Recommendations for Survivors of Colorectal Cancer

Plenary Sessions

Dr. Harvey Chochinov, Director, Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit, CCMB
Mental Illness, Personhood and the Challenges Providing Dignity Conserving Care

Jennifer Wickham, Nurse Navigator, Prairie Mountain Health
Can You Tell Us Where We Are Going? - How Rural Nurse Navigators Can Help

Breakout Sessions

Theresa Whiteside, Clinical Resource Nurse, CCMB
How to React to a Reaction?

Lori Emond, Community Liaison, Pharmacy Assistant, CCMB
Hazardous Drugs: Are you Safe?

Dr. Mark Kristjanson, Medical Lead, Primary Care, CCMB
Microcytic Anemia in Primary Care: What's Your Bleeding Problem?

Dr. Lynda Balneaves, Principal Investigator, CAMEO, UBC
Beyond the Pill: Non-ingestible Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care

Jodi Hyman, Nurse Educator, CCMB
Increasing My Patient's Quality of Life: 5FU Patient Self Disconnect

Kimberly Watkinson, Community Liaison, Pharmacist, CCMB
Triage of Colorectal Cancer Orders: The Nuts & Bolts

Jill Taylor-Brown, Director, Patient and Family Support Services, CCMB
Riding the Waves of Recurrent Cancer

Dr. Robert Lotocki, Head, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, University of Manitoba
Moving Endometrial Cancer into the Future

Short Snappers

Lindsay Livingstone, Staff Pharmacist, CCMB
What's New with HER2? Trastuzumab emtansine and pertuzumab for metastatic breast cancer

Gina Sunderland, Oncology Dietitian, CCMB
Demystifying Nutritional Myths: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Leila Heinrichs, Clinical Resource Nurse, Health Sciences Centre
Sharing the Care of The Post Autologous Transplant Patient