CancerCare Manitoba
Health Information Services

Health Information Services

ON2092 - 675 McDermot Ave.
Winnipeg, MB.
R3E 0V9

Monday to Friday
08:00 - 17:00 hrs.

General Inquiries:
(204) 787-1626
(204) 787-4187

Fax: (204) 786-0185

St. Boniface site
OL009 - 409 Tache Ave.
Winnipeg, MB.
R2H 2A6

Monday to Friday
08:00 - 16:00 hrs.

General Inquiries:
(204) 237-2559
Fax: (204) 235-3126

Director & Privacy Officer
Venetia Bourrier
(204) 787-2727

Resource Coordinators
Cindy Slusky
(204) 787-1717
Janice Osondu Iheke

Health Information Analyst
Gracie Mirando
(204) 787-2143

Department Secretary
(204) 787-4187

Medical Transcription Senior
Christina Muise
(204) 787-8587

File Control Senior
Maureen Crump

Patient Registration
(204) 787-2101
or email
CCMB MCC patient registration
St. Boniface
(204) 237-2972
or email
CCMB STB patient registration

Medicolegal & Privacy
Jacqueline Sholdice
(204) 787-2266
or email
CCMB MCC Medicolegal

Main Reception/Inquiry
(204) 787-2197
or email
CCMB MCC Front Reception
St. Boniface
(204) 237-2559

Data Entry
(204) 787-8585

File Control & Retrieval
(204) 787-4017
or email
CCMB MCC Records Request
St. Boniface
(204) 237-2560
or email
CCMB STB Records Request

The department of Health Information Services is part of the Chief Operating Officer’s portfolio at CancerCare Manitoba. This dedicated team of skilled healthcare professionals provide health information support services in these key area's;

  • Medical Transcription
  • Medicolegal
  • Data Entry
  • Data Quality Analysis and Audit
  • File Control and Records retrieval
  • Patient Registration
  • Privacy
  • Records Processing and Assembly
  • Front Reception and Inquiry
  • Mailroom

The Departments main functions include:

  • provide health record retrieval and control services utilizing an automated chart location system
  • ensuring accurate, up-to-date tracking of the health record location at all times
  • provide accurate and timely placement of medical information into the health record
  • provide medical transcription services
  • provide mail processing and distribution services
  • provide reception and patient inquiry services
  • accept, screen and respond to release of information requests in accordance with the personal health information act and organizational policies
  • collection of accurate patient demographic information to perform patient registration functions
  • provide data entry, scanning and importing services of key information on our patients
  • promote and provide data quality, audit and record integrity
  • offer privacy in-servicing and training
  • participation in the Research Resource Impact Committee, work closely and lend assistance to researchers to provide health record retrieval services, upon study approval.