CancerCare Manitoba


Saturday, September 26
Your good health matters! Which is why CancerCare Manitoba staff and volunteers were so pleased to welcome visitors to our Healthy Living Expo this fall. Welcome to CancerCare Manitoba
The Expo presented a unique opportunity for people of all ages to discover more about the work we do at CancerCare Manitoba through free workshops, expert speakers and interactive tours and displays.
In addition to focusing on the steps we can all take to reduce our risk of cancer - keeping active, eating well, being tobacco-free, being sun smart and checking up with your doctor - visitors participated in free Iyengar yoga, meditation and fitness classes, healthy cooking demonstrations, as well as a hands-on tour of our research labs and a behind-the-scenes look at radiation therapy and how innovative technology is improving treatment.
Together with our partners, CancerCare Manitoba is working hard to reduce the burden of cancer. We are determined to make a difference.
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