CancerCare Manitoba


Determining if Heath Records Resources Are Required for Your Study

The information provided here is meant to provide guidance and highlight typical information required as part of the submission process. By including this information, we can quickly review and identify any impacts resulting from studies.
  • Will Health Records charts be required for the study? If the study is a retrospective review, Health Records charts will be required, while a database review or data extracted from a database for analysis would typically not require charts.
  • If charts are required, how many will be required?  A study my require 200 charts, however charts will typically be provided in blocks of 50 since charts may needed in clinic and allows for a smaller reserve to be kept.
  • Are charts required for patients that are deceased?  Our deceased patient charts are stored off-site to make space for active charts.  These charts have to be retrieved from storage and incurs a $16 per chart fee.
  • When will the charts be required (start date)? If you don't know the start date, can you please provide two (2) weeks notice prior to the start of the study so Records has sufficient time to pull the charts, request the charts to be returned, or for deceased patients to obtain the charts from archival storage off-site.