CancerCare Manitoba
Health Records


The CancerCare Manitoba Health Records Department manages patient health information as set out by the Personal Health Information Act of Manitoba. The Health Records Department is responsible for ensuring all patient hardcopy health records are kept secure, up-to-date, protected and accessible for patient care, administration, and research.

The Health Records Department supports research by providing investigators hardcopy with:
  • Hardcopy health record retrieval services (chart on premises and off-site charts).
  • Resource capacity planning working closely with the researcher to accommodate required timeframes and dates.
  • Liaison with File Control Clerks and Medico-legal Correspondent throughout the study duration.
  • Study/audit area with computer service to review your research health records in a secure, protected area.
  • Capacity to store a maximum of 800 hardcopy health records for all studies currently in progress.
  • Capacity to pull 150 hardcopy health records per week for all studies currently in progress.

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 hours.

In order to obtain access to patient hardcopy health records, investigators must first receive approval from the CancerCare Manitoba Research Resource Impact Committee (RRIC). You will be required to:
  • You must identify the start date, end date (or duration) of the study on your RRIC Submission Form. Upon expiry, you must submit an amendment request to the RRIC to extend your study duration.
  • Once your study has been approved and you are ready to review hardcopy health records please contact Cancer Registry/Epidemiology to generate the list of required charts - This list will be sent directly to Health Records.
  • Health Records will contact you to make arrangements for chart review.
  • Other questions to consider:
    • Will these charts be pulled for review once or several times? Note: Charts with multiple volumes, each volume is considered one pull.
    • If charts are off-site in storage, will you require these retrieved?
    • Do you have a study budget to off-set chart retrieval costs? (Average cost of $16.00 per chart)

CCMB Research Fees

Booking Workstations for Chart Review

Workstations in Health Records (ON 2092) are available to accommodate Researchers review of electronic and hardcopy patient charts on approved research studies.

Please contact File Control Services in Health Records to;
  1. Advise of study approval or produce the letter
  2. Coordinate the pulling of their approved study charts to allow for a timely review for the agreed date/time
  3. To book a workstation in ON2101c, our study, research area

The workstations are available Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00 hrs.

To book a workstation, please contact the File Control Clerk at 204-787-4017.

Access to Electronic Records

For more information about how to access patient hardcopy health records for approved research purposes, contact the Medical Legal Correspondent at (204) 787-2266 or email to to arrange a meeting.