CancerCare Manitoba
Radiation Therapy Physics

Radiotherapy Physics
Room ON 2118
675 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0V9
tel. (204) 787-4910
fax (204) 775-1684
Department Head:
Boyd McCurdy, Ph.D FCCPM
(204) 787-1966

Medical Physicists:
John Lewis, Ph.D. MCCPM
(204) 787-7322

Ryan Rivest, Ph.D.
(204) 787-2297

Anita Berndt, Ph.D. MCCPM
(204) 787-2518

Sankar Venkataraman, Ph.D MCCPM
(204) 787-1862

James Beck, M.Sc. MCCPM
(204) 787-7081

Jim Wu, M.Sc. (Brandon)
(204) 578-2209

Martin Jensen, M.Sc.
(204) 787-4703

Charles Schroeder, M.Sc. MCCPM
(204) 787-1645

David Sasaki, M.Sc. MCCPM
(204) 787-4963

Physics Associates:
Tara Bailey
Tammy Bridgelall
Marion Evan
Michael Noel (Brandon)
(204) 578-2250

The Radiotherapy Physics Service is committed to providing leadership in the application of physics and engineering principles to cancer care, and to maintaining scientific and technical support for the clinical, teaching, and research activities of CancerCare Manitoba's process teams.

We carry out a wide variety of tasks to ensure that patients receive well-planned radiation treatments on equipment that is operating safely, accurately and reliably.

These include providing expertise in planning individualized radiation treatments, and characterizing and monitoring the performance of equipment which delivers radiation to patients.

We also play major roles in the selection and commissioning of new equipment, research, and teaching. Please click here to view our Medical Physics Residency Program brochure

To find out about challenging and rewarding career opportunities in Radiotherapy Physics, please click here.