CancerCare Manitoba
Research & Product Development

An automated radioisotope delivery unit for Nuclear Medicine built in CCMB, with the electronics designed and built by the Nuclear Electronics service.

Programs and groups supported:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Mammography
  • Physics portfolio
  • Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Electronics service is able to direct a portion of its total activities towards the development of specialized electronics devices for both research and clinical use.

Having an established service group with the facility and specialized tools available allows for in-house development of electronic devices not reasonably available to the programs supported.

The Nuclear Electronics service is able to computer design and fabricate its own circuit boards by having a computerized circuit board milling machine in the department.
Circuit board on the CNC

The service has been able to acquire electronic development software and a computerized milling machine capable of producing complex circuit boards.

The photos on this page show a circuit board on the CNC and a completed automatic isotope delivery device designed and manufactured within medical physics.