CancerCare Manitoba
External Services Provided

In Nuclear Medicine Departments, Gamma Cameras similar in appearance and engineering to the more familiar CT scanners, are calibrated and serviced by Nuclear Electronics technologists.
Typical Gamma Camera gantry.

Nuclear Medicine:

  • Gamma cameras and associated computers maintenance and repairs.
  • Radiopharmacy support for isotope delivery and production systems.

Bone Density:

  • Bone density screening equipment maintenance and repairs.

The Nuclear Electronics service at CCMB has provided comprehensive service for the Gamma cameras and associated computer systems in the City of Winnipeg hospitals from the time of the modality's inception in Winnipeg.

The photo is of a typical Gamma Camera gantry similar in size and complexity to a CT Scanner. Combined factory training and years of experience enables the service the ability to provide complete in-house service in lieu of factory contracts. Having a group of service personnel with a well equipped shop also allows for efficient servicing of related nuclear devices and the fabrication of electronic devices or interfaces customized for the clients.

Bone density screening is a more recent modality and the equipment is closely related to Nuclear Medicine. The Nuclear Electronics service has used its Nuclear Medicine experience and additional training to be able to provide this service.