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Imaging Physics

Imaging Physics
Room ON 2118
675 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0V9
Phone (204)787-4145
fax (204) 775-1684
Service Head:
Ingvar Fife, Ph.D.
(204) 787-2213

Ultrasound and MR Specialist:
Daniel Rickey, Ph.D, MCCPM
(204) 787-1764

X-ray, CT and Mammography Specialist:
Idris Elbakri, Ph.D. MCCPM
(204) 787-2856

Nuclear Medicine Specialist:
Samantha Eustace, M.Sc., CCPM
(204) 787-8619

X-ray and CT Specialist:
Harry Ingleby, Ph.D. MCCPM
(204) 787-2126

Physics Associate:
Mile Calic
(204) 787-1737

Diagnostic imaging plays a major role in Healthcare and the Imaging Physicists give support to diagnostic imaging departments throughout Manitoba. We work closely with the radiologist, physician and radiation technologist to ensure that the medical images obtained are the best that can be achieved.

The Physicist's expertise includes equipment specification and testing, quality assurance, optimization of techniques for clinical procedures, research and development and teaching.

Our professional standards are defined by the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics and the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine.

The function of Imaging Physicists is to:

  • Optimize the imaging characteristics of diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • Provide technical expertise to purchasers of imaging equipment.
  • Provide independent technical advice to Manitoba Health with respect to imaging equipment.
  • Provide physics education to physicists, physicians, graduate students, technologists and residents.
  • Perform research in medical imaging physics