CancerCare Manitoba
Cancer Epidemiology in Manitoba

Although all other provinces in Canada have cancer registries, Manitoba's is unique because of collaborative work between Manitoba Health and CancerCare Manitoba's Department Epidemiology and Cancer Registry, in which information on cancer patients is obtained from a variety of other databases maintained at Manitoba Health. This enables extensive population-based research, including:
  • estimates of cancer prevalence;
  • projections of cancer incidence, prevalence and mortality;
  • use of hospital discharge data and physician fee-for-service claims for utilization, treatment outcomes and risk factor research;
  • use of other disease registries (e.g., diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease) to assess similarities of disease patterns and potential causality; and
  • analysis of lifestyle characteristics (diet, exercise) and knowledge, attitudes and behaviours derived from surveys.

A sample of current projects

Epidemiology and Cancer Registry is also developing an active analytic epidemiology research program. In the past five years we have acquired funding for numerous projects including:
  • vasectomy and prostate cancer;
  • abortion and breast cancer;
  • hormone replacement therapy and the validity of mamogram;
  • patterns in breast, rectal and lung cancer management;
  • mammography and cervical screening patterns;
  • reliability of self-reported exposure (e.g., hormone-replacement therapy), medical care (e.g., mammography) and disease status (e.g., breast cancer); and
  • assessing the completeness of case ascertainment by the cancer registry.

Funding for research has been provided through grants and contracts from Health Canada, Statistics Canada, the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation, the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, The Health Sciences Centre Innovatives and Opportunities Fund, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the American Cancer Society.