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What are the Disadvantages?

CancerCare Manitoba - Clinical Investigations Office

  • New treatments are not always more effective than the current best treatment. They may produce the same results. Occasionally the results are worse.

  • New treatments may produce unanticipated side effects or risks.

  • Not all patients in a study receive the new treatment. Some are in a group that may receive standard care for comparison to the new approach. Patients are assigned randomly to receive the new or standard treatment, and some are uncomfortable with this requirement. It is important to remember that standard care means the best treatment generally available.

  • In certain trials, patients will not know whether they are receiving the new treatment being studied or the current best treatment. This "blinded" approach is a very important part of the scientific process that prevents the researchers from becoming partial to one conclusion over another.

  • There may be more visits to the clinic and more tests required for study purposes.