CancerCare Manitoba
What are the Advantages?

CancerCare Manitoba - Clinical Investigations Office

  • Treatment studies offer the most sophisticated, up-to-date, high quality cancer care available as a new therapy is tested. At minimum, the patient receives the best standard care currently available.

  • If a new treatment is successful, study patients receiving that treatment are the first to benefit.

  • Patients who take part in a study are actively helping themselves and future cancer patients.

  • Patients who participate in a trial become part of a network of clinical trials carried out around the country or around the world. In this network, doctors and researchers pool their ideas and experience to design, conduct, and monitor clinical studies. They share their knowledge about cancer treatment and care. Patients in these studies receive the benefit of this expertise.

  • All patients are carefully monitored throughout treatment.

  • Exploring all the treatment options helps a patient feel more in control and more a part of a vitally important decision affecting his or her life.

  • Patients may withdraw from a study at any time.

  • Referral to a study need not end the continued relationship with the patient's primary care physician. In fact, this relationship is encouraged.

  • Studies provide free medication which saves money for the patient and the health care system.