CancerCare Manitoba
Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Working together, we will reduce the impact of cancer on all Manitobans.

Our Mission

Through early detection, care, research, education and public outreach, CancerCare Manitoba will contribute to the prevention of cancer and improve the outcomes and quality of life for Manitobans with cancer and blood disorders.

Our Values

  • Patient / Family / Community Focus -We believe in a balanced patient, family and community centered focus where care is delivered with compassion and sensitivity.
  • Respect - We believe in the dignity and worth of every individual and in each person’s right to be treated with respect, honesty, openness and fairness. We listen to and learn from each other in an open and trusting manner.
  • Teamwork - We foster a working environment that is motivating, rewarding, collegial and characterized by teamwork. We believe in working cooperatively with others through partnership and collaboration, valuing collective achievement.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement - We continuously work to improve everything we do and to deepen our understanding of our work and the conditions that affect it. We believe in the roles of research, education and systematic evaluation.
  • Stewardship - We endeavor to make wise use of the resources available to CCMB. In accepting the responsibilities entrusted to us by the people of Manitoba, we strive to serve others – and each other – in a manner that is effective and accountable.